What is Reportable Behavior?

What Actions Can Be Reported on BitNile?

BitNile values fair play and respects the rights of all players to enjoy our games in a safe and secure environment. We rely on the vigilance of our community to report any inappropriate behavior that may occur on our platform. However, it's important to understand which types of behavior can be reported and which ones can't.


Types of Reportable Behaviors:

Collusion: Players working together to cheat or deceive other players in a game.

Multi-Accounting: The use of multiple accounts by one player in the same game.

Fraudulent Activity: Any type of fraudulent activity or attempt to deceive BitNile or other players in-world.

Abusive/Hate Speech: Any time someone is using offensive, racist or abusing language in-world.

3rd-Party Software Use: Any time someone appears to be using third party software to assist in-game.

Breach of Terms: Any time someone appears to be breaching BitNile.com Rules or Terms & Conditions.


Types of Non-Reportable Behaviors:

Poor play: Making bad decisions, taking a long time to act, or generally playing poorly is not a reportable offense.

Taunting or trash-talking: While it may be unpleasant, taunting and trash-talking are considered part of the game and are not reportable.

Rudeness or offensive language: While we encourage players to behave respectfully, rudeness or offensive language is not considered a reportable offense unless it crosses the line into harassment or hate speech.

If you encounter any behavior that you believe is reportable, please submit a report to our customer support team. Our team will review the report and take appropriate action if necessary.


Thank you for helping us maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all BitNile players.

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