Responsible Social Gaming Policy

Last Updated: May 5, 2023, Inc. (“”) is committed to ensuring that its players engage in responsible social gaming.’s responsibility is to ensure that social gamers enjoy their experience on our platform, while being fully aware of the potential risks that you may face with online gameplay if you cannot maintain control.

We provide an array of different tools and measures that you can use to ensure that your play is safe, manageable, and responsible. We may, in our sole discretion, determine that these measures are necessary to ensure that your gameplay remains responsible, and reserve the right to activate these measures unilaterally.

  1. Overview
    1. This Responsible Social Gaming Policy (“Policy”) provides information and resources regarding responsible gameplay, as well as the responsible gameplay tools available to players on’s Fun and Sweepstakes Zone (“Fun Zone”).
    2. This Policy is part of’s Terms of Service. Any terms that we use in the Terms of Service have the same meaning in this Policy. This Policy also incorporates the Sweeps Official Rules.
    3. We reserve the right to update the Policy at any time. If we make any changes, we will publish the updated Policy on the website and the Fun Zone, and any changes will be binding and effective immediately upon publication.
    4. If we make any changes to the Policy that may be detrimental to you or limit your current abilities or rights, we will notify you the next time you log on to the Fun Zone after the changes are made. You will be asked to confirm whether you agree to the changes before you are allowed to play any games on the Fun Zone (both Standard Play and Promotional Play). If you do not agree to the changes and the updated Policy, you will be required to stop using the Fun Zone.
    5. Our objective is to provide you with the control tools, information, and resources you need to:
      1. Make informed, responsible decisions about your gameplay;
      2. Ensure that players are not engaged in problem gameplay on our website.
    6. While we provide a number of tools and resources to help you make informed and responsible decisions about your gameplay, we do not provide counseling services. But our staff is ready and willing to work with you to ensure that you have the information and the tools you need to make sure that your gameplay is responsible.
    7. We are committed to ensuring that our marketing and promotional content does not mislead players about the nature of our games, how outcomes are determined, or about the odds of winning. We also take care to ensure that our marketing and promotional content for the Fun Zone are not aimed at people with a gaming addiction, or vulnerable individuals such as minors.
  2. Responsible Gameplay Tools
    1. Account History. You can see every outcome you’ve gotten on each of the games you’ve played over the last [20 Plays You can also request how many Nile Tokens you’ve purchased, how many Nile Sweeps Coins you’ve received, and how many Nile Sweeps Coins you’ve redeemed, as well as a full history of games played and the outcome. You can request your account history on our support portal
    2. Self-Exclusion. A self-exclusion is a longer pause, but we take additional measures to ensure that you avoid gameplay.
      1. You can exclude yourself from a “Defined” or an “Indefinite” period of time.
        1. “Defined” periods are: 1 month, 2 months, 3 months,6 months, one year, three years, five years. If you self-exclude yourself for a defined period, you won’t be able to use the Fun Zone in any way until the period is over.
        2. An “Indefinite” self-exclusion lasts a minimum of six months. Once the six months have passed, you may reactivate your account at any time, but you must wait seven days after reactivation to play on your account.
      2. Before we put your account on self-exclusion mode, you must redeem all of your Nile Sweeps Coins, provided that you meet redemption requirements, including verification.
      3. When you self-exclude, we will remove you from all marketing communications, and you may not access any other part of the Platform. We’ll undertake all reasonable efforts to make sure you do not access the Fun Zone or any other part of the Platform.
      4. Self-exclusion is not foolproof, and we cannot guarantee that it will serve as an effective responsible social gaming mechanism. But we will take reasonable steps to make sure that your self-exclusion request is processed correctly.
      5. Self-exclusion requires commitment on your part as well. When you self-exclude, you must not try to circumvent the self-exclusion by signing up for a new account so that you can get back on the Fun Zone, set up new emails to register an account, or disguise your identity to register a new account.
        1. If we determine that you attempted to circumvent self-exclusion measures, we will refund any purchases you make after self-exclusion, and you will forfeit any Nile Tokens and Nile Sweeps Coins. You will also be permanently banned from the Platform.
        2. If you self-exclude, we ask that you unfollow on all social media platforms.
      6. You can Request the self-exclusion process by filing a ticket at
    3. Shutting Down Your Account. You may also choose to permanently shut down your Fun Zone account. Shutting down your Fun Zone account is permanent and irreversible, and takes effect immediately. If you’d like to shut down your account, by filing a ticket at and select the Self Exclusion in the dropdown menu, you will need to specify the time you want to self exclude.
  3. What You Need to Know About Responsible Gameplay
    1. How does gameplay work?
      1. Random chance: every time you play a game, the outcome is largely determined by chance. You cannot predict a particular outcome. You also cannot determine a particular outcome by looking at past results, as each outcome is independent of prior outcomes.
      2. Return to Player (RTP): This is a calculation of how much of the Nile Tokens (Standard Play) and Nile Sweeps Coins (Promotional Play) you’ll get back over time, in the long run. The amount that you get back in the short term, however, may differ from the RTP.
      3. Edge: All Standard Play and Promotional Play Games on the Fun Zone have a slight advantage that favors in the long run.
    2. What are some misconceptions about these games?
      1. Players are never “due for a win.” An outcome is random, and is not affected by past results.
      2. “The longer I play, the more chance I’ll win.” The amount of time that you spend on playing the games have no impact on your chances of winning. All outcomes are random.
      3. “Today’s my lucky day to win.” Again, outcomes are random. Hoping and wishing have no influence on how you do on a game of chance.
    3. What can I do to engage in safe gameplay?
      2. We recommend that you not play on the Fun Zone if:
        1. You’re receiving treatment for, or are recovering from, an addiction or dependency.
        2. You’re under the influence of alcohol or a mind-altering controlled substance.
        3. You’re currently experiencing financial difficulties.
        4. You don’t understand how to play the games, or the fact that the games are determined by random chance.
        5. You have any mental health concerns, cognitive impairment, or brain injury.
      3. Remember that our games are an entertainment activity. While you may be able to redeem Nile Sweeps Coins on the Fun Zone may offer real-money prizes, they are not a source of income.
      4. You don’t need to play on the Fun Zone to enjoy the Platform.
      5. Learn how the games work before you play, and understand that game outcomes are determined by random chance.
      6. Spend only the money that you’re able to afford.
      7. Consider setting limits on the amount of money that you spend, and the time that you spend on our Fun Zone.
      8. Remember to take breaks during our gameplay. Move around, go for a walk, or get some fresh air.
      9. Don’t play while you’re upset or stressed. Don’t play “on tilt.”
      10. Limit your alcohol and/or cannabis intake while playing.
      11. If you’re not having fun, stop playing.
    4. How do I know my gameplay might be problematic?
      1. Financial Signs
        1. You can't pay bills.
        2. You borrow money to pay for everyday expenses.
        3. You’re unable to pay rent or your mortgage.
      2. Social Relationship Signs
        1. Your home environment is an unhappy one.
        2. You miss family events and gatherings to play games.
        3. You disconnect from and dissociate with family members.
        4. You lie, borrow, steal, or commit fraud to get money to play.
        5. You hide the fact that you play from your significant other.
        6. You lie to yourself or to others about the amount of money that you spend, or the time you play.
        7. You play to escape from the stress of life.
        8. You feel frustrated on days when you're not able to play.
      3. Employment Signs
        1. You miss work so that you can play.
        2. You're less productive or less focused at work.
        3. You let your gameplay affect your employment status.
      4. Health Signs
        1. You feel anxious or depressed.
        2. You feel isolated.
        3. Your stress levels go up.
  4. Other Resources
  5. If you find that your gameplay is having (or is at risk of having) a negative impact on your mental health, your social relationships, or your financial situation, we encourage you to consider getting in touch with the following organizations: These are independent organizations, and are not affiliated with in any way. They do not provide customer support for, nor do they provide dispute resolution services. If you have a question or concern regarding your FunZone account, please reach out to us at

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